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In the nephrology clinic of Dr. Ioannis Grivres in Athens and in Xylokastro , we welcome the patient with kidney disease and hypertension with respect and tend to offer. In a modern, relaxed architecture, easy access for the disabled and comfortable parking, the patient and his family receive comprehensive care, clear instructions and support for the possible kidney problem.

The physician's work experience in large Greek centers and specialized centers of abroad, as well as his work with the whole spectrum of clinical nephrology combined with continuous information and academic activity are denominated in continuous help to the renal patient.

We address patients with chronic and end-stage renal failure, patients with Systemic Disease and Renal Injury, Nephrotic Syndrome, Haematuria and / or Proteinuria, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus who have renal impairment, patients with rare diseases, and in patients before and after transplantation.

Particular scientific interest has been developed in patients with chronic renal disease of first to fourth stage, particularly in all ways of limiting the rate of progression of the disease.

All patient groups are given guidelines for the management, diagnosis and treatment of clinical problems, with special emphasis on diet, nutrition and nutrition issues, particularly in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, Nephrotic Syndrome, Transplants and Patients With a combination of problems (diabetes, hypertension, etc.).