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Chapter 1.1 Road Map For Chronic Kidney Disease

08 April 2017

One in nine adults in Western world has chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, a lot of people do not realize that they have reduced kidney function. Therefore, they do not realize that they can take steps to protect their kidneys from further damage. The progression of CKD has crucial importance.

What is CKD?
It means decreased function of the kidneys. Overtime, the condition may progress and kidneys suffer major damage. The purpose of this road map is not produce fear but provide patients with information that will help them to take control of their healthcare and do what is necessary to preserve and protect their kidney function. There lots of healthy conditions that may lead to CKD and at the same time many things that patients should know and will significantly impact their kidney function.

Probably the most common misconception about CKD is that patients do not have to worry about it at the moment of diagnosis. They believe that their kidneys functioning well , everything is fine in a way that kidney failure won’t happen to them. Patients should not let this happen to them. There are things that patient can do to maintain or improve their health and at the same time to protect their kidneys from further deterioration. CKD does not go away. This is not something you can watch for a while and then suddenly everything becomes “normal” again and no one has to worry about CKD. On the contrary, CKD means greater risk for kidney failure. No actions mean increased chances for kidneys to fail. It is very important that the patient is involved in his health care, learning and doing what is needed which will make a difference in his overall health.