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Chapter 8 - Conclusion

23 January 2022

In conclusion, there’s a lot to learn and many questions to be answered. Keep asking questions until you have answers that you understand. You have both the right and responsibility to understand CKD and the treatments available to you. Remember, you aren’t alone! There are people along the way who’ll work with you to create a safe and caring environment - a place where your questions can be answered, your anxieties lessened and your concerns put to rest.

A Friendly Note: It could be years before you need dialysis or simply a matter of months. Don’t despair. My father is on dialysis - has been for several years - and he plays golf twice a week. As someone with CKD, I am very active. I work, coach my son’s baseball team and have a great tomato garden. Remember, a good attitude and being the leader of your healthcare team can keep you healthy, whether you’re a CKD patient, on dialysis or have a transplant.

As a patient with a chronic illness, it is vital you keep track of all your medications, doctor visits and conversations you’ve had with your healthcare team.